About the 2010-2011 Arenacross Tour

The Arenacross Tour is a 8-round professional indoor motocross tour, and AX Tour amateur championship. Pro motocross and pro quad racers compete for a total cash payout of over $30,000. Amateurs race for both trophies and series awards.

Arenacross Tour races are run in motocross format, instead of traditional arenacross format, to give participants more track time.

Arenacross Tour Quad Pro Racing

Pro motocross riders race for cash winnings at both the AX and AX lites levels.  Top riders from both classes race one another in the 20-lap "Clash for Cash" feature.   Arenacross tour points are awarded according to how each rider finishes in the feature.  End of tour cash bonuses are awarded to the top tour riders.

The Amateur Arenacross Tour Championship is a 8-round tour with over 30 amateur AX and quad classes. Trophies are awarded through 5th place for each class, and points are awarded through 9th place for each class.  The top 5 riders in each class receive trophies at the Arenacross Tour awards banquet in Memphis TN on March 6th.

Arenacross Tour Pro MX Racing

The Arenacross Tour is owned and operated by AX Tour, LLC.




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